.300 Savage Ammo

The .300 Savage ammunition category is a testament to innovation and enduring performance in the realm of hunting cartridges. Introduced in 1920 by the Savage Arms Company, the .300 Savage was designed to replicate the ballistics of the .30-06 Springfield but in a shorter, more compact case that could be used in lever-action rifles. While it has been somewhat overshadowed by more modern cartridges, the .300 Savage remains a favorite among hunters who appreciate its efficiency and moderate recoil in a package that is effective for medium to large game.

Intended Use: The .300 Savage is particularly well-suited for hunting medium-sized game such as deer and black bear. Its moderate recoil and effective ballistics make it an excellent choice for hunters who need a versatile round that performs well in brushy or wooded environments. The cartridge is also favored by those who use vintage rifles for sport and collection purposes.

Caliber/Size: The .300 Savage fires a .30 caliber bullet, providing a good balance between power and recoil. This makes it ideal for a variety of hunting scenarios, offering sufficient stopping power for ethical kills without the harsh recoil associated with larger magnum cartridges.

Performance Characteristics: Known for its effective range and precision, the .300 Savage delivers a flat trajectory for a cartridge of its era and maintains good energy retention downrange. It is capable of delivering the accuracy and terminal performance required for cleanly taking game at distances typical of most hunting situations.

Material and Construction: .300 Savage rounds are manufactured using quality components, featuring brass casings and a variety of bullet types tailored to hunting applications. Offerings include soft point and expanding bullets, which are designed to provide optimal expansion and penetration, critical for effective hunting performance.

Brands and Manufacturers: This category includes ammunition from trusted brands such as Remington, Federal, and Winchester. These manufacturers continue to support the .300 Savage, providing hunters with reliable ammunition options that leverage both traditional and modern bullet technology to enhance the cartridge’s performance.

A Brief History: The .300 Savage was initially developed to offer .30-06 Springfield performance in a smaller, more efficient package, suitable for use in the Savage Model 99 lever-action rifle. Its popularity peaked in the mid-20th century, and it contributed to the development of later cartridges, including the .308 Winchester.


  1. What is the effective range of a .300 Savage? The .300 Savage is effective for hunting within a range of up to 300 yards, making it suitable for most typical hunting environments and scenarios.
  2. Can the .300 Savage be used for larger game like elk? While primarily suited for medium game, the .300 Savage can be effective for larger game such as elk, particularly with proper bullet selection and within reasonable range limitations.
  3. How does the .300 Savage compare to newer cartridges like the .308 Winchester? The .300 Savage offers similar ballistics to the .308 Winchester but generally with slightly less power and range. It is well-regarded for its historical significance and continues to be valued for its performance in lever-action rifles.

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