.350 Legend Ammo

The .350 Legend is a relatively new rifle cartridge designed for hunting and shooting applications, introduced by Winchester Ammunition in 2019. The .350 Legend was designed as a straight-walled cartridge that could be used in states that have regulations prohibiting bottlenecked rifle cartridges for hunting.

The .350 Legend features a straight-walled case design with a bullet diameter of .357 inches (9.07mm). Bullet weights for this cartridge typically range from 145 to 265 grains, with the most common choices being 150 and 180-grain projectiles. Muzzle velocities for the .350 Legend range from 2,100 to 2,300 feet per second, depending on the bullet weight and powder load.

The .350 Legend is a versatile cartridge that can be used for hunting a wide range of game animals, from deer to hogs. Its moderate recoil, combined with significant energy transfer and deep penetration, makes it a reliable choice for hunters seeking a cartridge capable of taking down game at moderate ranges. Additionally, its straight-walled case design allows for easier reloading and better accuracy compared to some other straight-walled cartridges.

Ammunition manufacturers offer a variety of projectiles for the .350 Legend, including traditional soft point and polymer-tipped bullets. This variety allows shooters to select the most suitable ammunition for their specific needs, ensuring optimal performance in diverse hunting or shooting situations.

In summary, the .350 Legend is a versatile rifle cartridge designed to deliver reliable performance on a wide range of game animals at moderate ranges. Its straight-walled case design and moderate recoil have made it a popular choice among hunters seeking a cartridge that is both easy to reload and effective in the field.

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