.22 TCM Ammunition

The .22 TCM (Tuason Craig Micromagnum) ammunition category encompasses a specialized and innovative cartridge that combines high velocity with minimal recoil. Developed for both tactical and sporting use, this category includes ammunition that delivers a unique shooting experience. With its high-speed, low-diameter projectile, the .22 TCM offers an exciting blend of performance for enthusiasts of modern firearms.

Intended Use: The primary use of .22 TCM ammunition is for target shooting, self-defense, and small game hunting, appealing to shooters who appreciate the cartridge’s flat trajectory and high-velocity impact with reduced recoil. Its unique attributes make it suitable for a range of firearms, including pistols and rifles specially chambered for this caliber, catering to those seeking an innovative shooting experience without the heavy kick.

Caliber/Size: The .22 TCM cartridge is a unique caliber that fires a 40-grain projectile capable of achieving velocities over 2,000 feet per second. This small but mighty cartridge is designed to fit into small arms platforms, offering an alternative for shooters looking for performance akin to higher calibers but with less recoil and noise.

Performance Characteristics: With its remarkable velocity and energy for its size, .22 TCM ammunition is characterized by its flat trajectory and exceptional accuracy at ranges typical of handgun and small rifle fire. The high speed of the projectile delivers significant energy on target, making it surprisingly effective for self-defense and small game hunting despite its small size.

Material and Construction: .22 TCM ammunition utilizes high-quality brass casings or nickel plated brass and is often loaded with jacketed hollow point bullets to maximize its terminal performance. The design and construction of the cartridge are optimized to ensure reliable feeding and cycling in firearms specifically chambered for the .22 TCM, providing shooters with a smooth and consistent experience.

Brands and Manufacturers: This category features ammunition from a select group of manufacturers who specialize in the .22 TCM, including Armscor, the innovator behind the cartridge. These brands are committed to producing high-quality, reliable ammunition that meets the specific demands of .22 TCM shooters, ensuring availability and performance.

Brief History and Unique Characteristics: The .22 TCM was developed by custom gunsmith Fred Craig and Armscor CEO Martin Tuason, with its debut in the early 21st century. Designed to offer ballistic performance resembling a 5.7x28mm round but in a platform compatible with 9mm firearms, the .22 TCM stands out for its high velocity, low recoil, and the impressive muzzle flash it produces. Its development was driven by the desire to create a cartridge that provides an exciting shooting experience with practical applications, making it a unique addition to the ammunition market.

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