.30 Super Carry Ammo

The .30 Super Carry ammunition category is dedicated to a revolutionary caliber that bridges the gap between the compactness of smaller rounds and the power of traditional defensive calibers. This selection features high-quality .30 Super Carry ammo designed for modern self-defense handguns, offering an optimal balance of performance and capacity from the industry’s most reputable brands.

Intended Use: The .30 Super Carry ammunition is engineered primarily for self-defense and concealed carry. Its unique design allows for a higher magazine capacity without sacrificing the terminal performance expected from a defensive round. This caliber is ideal for those who prioritize effective stopping power alongside the ability to carry more rounds.

Caliber/Size: .30 Super Carry is a relatively new caliber, introduced to offer a novel solution for concealed carry firearms. It provides an excellent alternative to traditional calibers, giving shooters the ability to carry firearms with greater ammunition capacity and similar ballistic performance to the 9mm Luger.

Performance Characteristics: .30 Super Carry rounds boast impressive ballistic characteristics, including high velocity, good energy transfer, and effective penetration. These rounds are designed to perform reliably in self-defense situations, ensuring that shooters have the confidence and capability needed when it matters most.

Material and Construction: Ammunition in the .30 Super Carry category typically features advanced bullet designs, such as jacketed hollow points (JHP) for effective expansion upon impact, and full metal jackets (FMJ) for training and practice. The use of premium materials in construction ensures consistent performance and reliability.

Brands and Manufacturers: This category includes products from pioneering brands that have embraced the .30 Super Carry caliber, such as Federal, Remington, CCI, and Speer. These manufacturers are at the forefront of ammunition technology, offering rounds that meet the high standards of today’s shooters.

A Brief History: The .30 Super Carry was developed to provide an innovative solution for concealed carry, introduced with the goal of enhancing the firepower of compact firearms without compromising on size or recoil. Its development reflects ongoing advancements in ammunition technology, aiming to meet the evolving needs of self-defense shooters.


  1. How does .30 Super Carry compare to 9mm in terms of stopping power? The .30 Super Carry is designed to offer comparable stopping power to the 9mm Luger, with the advantage of higher magazine capacity in similarly sized firearms.
  2. Can I use .30 Super Carry for range training and practice? Yes, there are FMJ rounds available in .30 Super Carry, making it suitable for range training and practice while maintaining the handling characteristics of your self-defense ammo.
  3. Is the .30 Super Carry widely accepted for self-defense use? While relatively new, the .30 Super Carry is gaining acceptance for self-defense due to its innovative balance of capacity and ballistic performance, designed to meet the specific needs of concealed carry shooters.

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