.27 Nosler Ammo

The .27 Nosler ammunition category introduces shooters and hunters to the latest advancement in long-range performance and power. Unveiled by Nosler in 2020, the .27 Nosler is part of their commitment to pushing the boundaries of precision and effectiveness in hunting cartridges. Designed to outperform traditional 270 caliber rounds, it offers an unparalleled combination of velocity, energy, and flat trajectory. This selection showcases premium ammunition from Nosler, tailored for those seeking to maximize their long-range hunting capabilities and target shooting precision.

Intended Use: The .27 Nosler is engineered for big game hunting, providing the knockdown power and extended range accuracy needed to take on deer, elk, and other large game across vast distances. Its superior ballistic performance also makes it an excellent choice for competitive shooters and precision rifle enthusiasts who demand the utmost in long-range accuracy.

Caliber/Size: As a member of Nosler’s family of high-performance cartridges, the .27 Nosler utilizes a 27-caliber (.277″) bullet, but with significantly higher velocities and energy than other cartridges in its class. This increase in performance is achieved through a combination of case design, powder capacity, and bullet technology, setting new standards for what shooters can expect from a 270 caliber cartridge.

Performance Characteristics: The .27 Nosler is characterized by its blistering velocity, reaching speeds that greatly surpass those of traditional 270 rounds. This speed, combined with high ballistic coefficients typical of Nosler bullets, results in a flat shooting trajectory and reduced wind drift, enhancing long-range accuracy and terminal performance.

Material and Construction: .27 Nosler rounds are crafted with the highest quality components, featuring Nosler’s precision-engineered brass and bullets. The ammunition lineup includes various bullet designs, such as Nosler’s AccuBond and Ballistic Tip, optimized for deep penetration, controlled expansion, and unmatched accuracy at long distances.

Brands and Manufacturers: Nosler, as the innovator behind the .27 Nosler cartridge, leads the market in providing top-tier ammunition designed specifically to harness the full potential of this groundbreaking cartridge. Their dedication to quality and performance ensures that shooters have access to the best ammunition for achieving exceptional results in the field and on the range.

A Brief History: The introduction of the .27 Nosler is part of Nosler’s continuous effort to innovate within the hunting and shooting sports industry. By offering superior velocity, energy, and accuracy, the .27 Nosler was developed to meet the demands of modern hunters and precision shooters seeking to extend their effective range and capabilities.


  1. What is the effective range of a .27 Nosler? The .27 Nosler extends the effective range for hunters and shooters, providing lethal performance and accuracy well beyond 1,000 yards under optimal conditions, making it one of the most capable cartridges in its caliber for long-range engagements.
  2. Can the .27 Nosler be used for smaller game? While the .27 Nosler is optimized for big game hunting, its precision and range capabilities allow it to be effectively used for smaller game, provided that shooters select appropriate bullet weights and designs to minimize meat damage.
  3. How does the .27 Nosler compare to other Nosler cartridges? The .27 Nosler is designed to complement Nosler’s lineup of high-performance cartridges, offering a unique balance of velocity and bullet diameter that stands out within the Nosler family and against other long-range hunting cartridges in the market.

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