Nosler Trophy Grade .27 Nosler 165 Grain AccuBond Long Range – 20 Rounds (Box) [NO TAX outside Texas]

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27 Nosler
Grain Weight:
165 Grains
20 Rounds

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Ammo Specifications

27 Nosler
Grain Weight
165 Grains
20 Rounds
Muzzle Velocity
3150 Feet Per Second
Muzzle Energy
3294 Foot Pounds
Bullet Style
Bonded Polymer Tip
Lead Free
Case Type

More Information on Nosler 27 Nosler Ammo

Introducing the Nosler Trophy Grade .27 Nosler AccuBond Long Range Ammunition – a premium blend of precision, performance, and dependability, meticulously crafted for serious hunters and long-range shooting enthusiasts. Combining the expertise of Nosler with their cutting-edge AccuBond Long Range bullet technology, this ammunition is designed to deliver unparalleled results, shot after shot.

Key Features:

  1. Caliber: .27 Nosler
  2. Bullet Type: Nosler AccuBond Long Range (ABLR)
  3. Bullet Weight: 165 grains
  4. Muzzle Velocity: 3,150 fps (Approximate)
  5. Muzzle Energy: 3,294 ft-lbs (Approximate)
  6. Quantity: 20 rounds per box

Unrivaled Accuracy: The Nosler Trophy Grade .27 Nosler AccuBond Long Range ammunition is engineered to provide exceptional accuracy, enabling you to consistently achieve tight groupings at extended distances. Manufactured with top-quality components and strict quality control measures, this ammunition guarantees an extraordinary shooting experience for marksmen of all skill levels.

Nosler AccuBond Long Range Technology: The Nosler AccuBond Long Range (ABLR) bullet boasts an innovative design, featuring a high-performance, polymer-tipped boat-tail projectile that maximizes ballistic coefficient for flatter trajectories and minimal wind drift. This results in superior long-range performance, perfect for hunters and precision shooters. Upon impact, the polymer tip initiates controlled expansion, transferring maximum energy to the target and delivering devastating terminal performance.

Versatile Hunting Applications: The .27 Nosler caliber, paired with the AccuBond Long Range bullet, offers a versatile hunting solution for medium to large game, including deer, elk, and moose. The bullet’s controlled expansion, deep penetration, and high weight retention ensure quick, humane kills, while its boat-tail design and impressive ballistic coefficient ensure long-range accuracy and consistency.

Reliable Performance: Nosler is renowned for its unwavering commitment to quality and performance, and the Trophy Grade line is no exception. Shooters can expect dependable ignition, clean-burning propellants, and premium brass cases. Each round undergoes rigorous inspection to ensure it meets the highest standards, guaranteeing a seamless shooting experience.

Elevate your hunting and long-range shooting prowess with the Nosler Trophy Grade .27 Nosler AccuBond Long Range Ammunition. Trust in its accuracy, terminal performance, and reliability to help you push the boundaries of your abilities. Order a box today and experience the difference firsthand.


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