.280 Remington Ammo

The .280 Remington, also known as the 7mm Express Remington, is a versatile and well-balanced centerfire rifle cartridge introduced in 1957 by Remington Arms Company. Designed as a high-performing hunting cartridge, the .280 Rem offers a combination of excellent long-range capabilities, moderate recoil, and effective terminal performance, making it a popular choice among hunters and shooters seeking a capable 7mm (.284 inch) caliber option.

The .280 Remington is based on the .30-06 Springfield cartridge case, necked down to accept a .284-inch diameter bullet. This design allows for a good balance of velocity and bullet weight, contributing to its flat trajectory and consistent performance. The .280 Rem typically utilizes bullet weights ranging from 120 to 175 grains, with muzzle velocities between 2,700 and 3,100 feet per second, depending on the specific load and bullet weight.

One of the primary advantages of the .280 Remington is its high ballistic coefficient and sectional density, which result in superior aerodynamics, wind resistance, and penetration capabilities. These characteristics make the cartridge well-suited for taking down medium to large-sized game, such as deer, antelope, elk, and black bear, at extended ranges, while offering less recoil than some other cartridges with similar performance.

While primarily known as a hunting cartridge, the .280 Remington has also found a place among long-range target shooters and competitors due to its inherent accuracy and consistent performance. The cartridge’s performance can be further optimized with the use of modern bullet designs and propellants.

Factory-loaded ammunition for the .280 Remington is available from several manufacturers, offering a variety of bullet types and weights to suit different hunting and shooting applications. Additionally, handloaders can find an extensive selection of .284 caliber bullets, brass, and reloading data to customize their ammunition according to their specific needs and preferences.

In summary, the .280 Remington is a versatile and well-balanced cartridge that provides hunters and long-range shooters with a reliable, accurate, and effective option for various applications. Its flat trajectory, moderate recoil, and impressive terminal performance have earned it a place among the respected hunting cartridges in the 7mm category.

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