.280 Remington Ammo

The .280 Remington ammunition category serves hunters and shooters who appreciate a versatile and effective cartridge that bridges the gap between the .270 Winchester and .30-06 Springfield. Introduced by Remington in 1957, the .280 Remington has established itself as a capable all-around hunting cartridge, offering an excellent combination of velocity, energy, and trajectory. This selection includes top-quality ammunition from the industry’s leading manufacturers, designed for those seeking a balance of performance and recoil for a wide range of hunting applications.

Intended Use: The .280 Remington is particularly well-suited for hunting medium to large game, including deer, elk, and moose. Its balanced ballistic characteristics make it effective for shots at varying distances, providing the knockdown power and precision needed for ethical kills. Additionally, its moderate recoil and accuracy make it a good choice for recreational shooting and long-range target practice.

Caliber/Size: The .280 Remington fires a .284-inch (7mm) diameter bullet, offering shooters the advantages of the high ballistic coefficients and sectional densities associated with 7mm projectiles. This results in efficient aerodynamics, enabling shooters to achieve flat trajectories and effective terminal performance at extended ranges.

Performance Characteristics: Known for its versatility, the .280 Remington delivers high velocities and maintains energy downrange, contributing to its reputation for accuracy and effectiveness. The cartridge’s performance is characterized by a flat trajectory and reliable expansion, making it a solid choice for diverse hunting scenarios.

Material and Construction: .280 Remington rounds are manufactured using quality components, featuring brass casings and a range of bullet designs to cater to different hunting needs. Offerings include soft point bullets for reliable expansion on game, polymer-tipped bullets for enhanced accuracy, and bonded bullets for deep penetration on larger animals.

Brands and Manufacturers: This category includes ammunition from established brands such as Remington and Norma, known for their commitment to quality and innovation. These manufacturers offer .280 Remington shooters high-quality options that maximize the cartridge’s performance for hunting and precision shooting.

A Brief History: The .280 Remington was developed with the intent to provide a versatile hunting cartridge that could offer a step up in performance from the .270 Winchester, particularly in terms of bullet weight options and versatility. Despite facing competition from other cartridges, the .280 Remington has maintained a loyal following among hunters and shooters for its well-rounded performance.


  1. What is the effective range of a .280 Remington? The .280 Remington is effective for hunting at ranges up to 500 yards, providing sufficient accuracy and energy for taking medium and large game animals at distance.
  2. Can the .280 Remington be used for varmint hunting? While primarily designed for larger game, the .280 Remington can be used for varmint hunting with lighter bullet loads, offering flat trajectories and high velocities suitable for smaller targets.
  3. How does the .280 Remington compare to the .270 Winchester and .30-06 Springfield? The .280 Remington sits between the .270 Winchester and .30-06 Springfield in terms of ballistics, offering a balance of velocity, energy, and trajectory. It provides shooters with a versatile option that can accommodate a wide range of bullet weights and types for different hunting and shooting applications.

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