.28 Nosler Ammo

The .28 Nosler ammunition category caters to hunters and long-range shooters who demand maximum performance from their rifles. Introduced in 2015, the .28 Nosler is part of Nosler’s family of high-velocity cartridges, designed to push the limits of ballistic performance in the 7mm caliber range. Offering a blend of flat trajectory, high velocity, and substantial energy transfer, this selection features premium ammunition from leading manufacturers, ideal for those seeking exceptional long-range hunting capabilities and precision.

Intended Use: The .28 Nosler is engineered for hunting large game, such as deer, elk, and moose, providing the power and accuracy needed for ethical shots at extended distances. Its superior ballistic characteristics also make it an excellent choice for competitive shooters and anyone pursuing the challenges of long-distance target shooting.

Caliber/Size: As a member of the 7mm cartridge family, the .28 Nosler fires a .284″ diameter bullet, offering shooters the benefits of high ballistic coefficients and sectional densities associated with this bullet size. The cartridge is designed for efficiency, achieving higher velocities and flatter trajectories than many of its counterparts, for unparalleled long-range performance.

Performance Characteristics: Known for its exceptional speed and flat shooting nature, the .28 Nosler delivers bullets at velocities that exceed those of many traditional cartridges, reducing wind drift and increasing downrange energy. This performance translates into greater accuracy and effectiveness on game at long ranges, making it a top choice for hunters and precision shooters alike.

Material and Construction: .28 Nosler ammunition is produced using the highest quality components, featuring precision-engineered brass casings and a selection of bullet types tailored to different hunting and shooting needs. Offerings include controlled-expansion bullets for deep penetration on large game and boat-tail designs for enhanced aerodynamic efficiency in long-range shooting.

Brands and Manufacturers: This category includes ammunition from Nosler, the innovator behind the .28 Nosler cartridge, as well as other trusted brands that have adopted the cartridge due to its impressive performance. These manufacturers are committed to providing shooters with advanced ammunition options that leverage the latest in ballistic technology for superior field performance.

A Brief History: The .28 Nosler was introduced to offer shooters the highest possible performance in a 7mm cartridge without the need for a magnum-length action. Its development reflects Nosler’s commitment to innovation and excellence in ammunition, providing a solution for hunters and shooters who require the utmost in long-range capability.


  1. What is the effective range of a .28 Nosler? The .28 Nosler is effective at ranges exceeding 1,000 yards for target shooting, with hunting applications depending on the size of the game and bullet selection, offering precision and power for long-distance shots.
  2. Can the .28 Nosler be used for smaller game? While the .28 Nosler is optimized for large game, it can be used for smaller game species with appropriate bullet selection to minimize meat damage and ensure clean, ethical kills.
  3. How does the .28 Nosler compare to other Nosler cartridges? The .28 Nosler is designed to complement Nosler’s lineup of high-performance cartridges, offering a unique balance of velocity, energy, and trajectory in the 7mm class that stands out for long-range hunting and shooting applications.

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