.308 Marlin Express Ammo

Venture into the domain of the .308 Marlin Express, a modern marvel in the world of rifle ammunition. Introduced in 2007 by Marlin Firearms and Hornady, this caliber was born out of the ambition to create a high-performance cartridge tailored for lever-action rifles. It bridges the gap, combining traditional rifle charm with ballistics that rival even the esteemed .308 Winchester.

Renowned for its impressive flat trajectory and substantial range, the .308 Marlin Express is aptly suited for hunting medium to large game, making it a treasured choice among hunting aficionados. Its relatively recent inception means it hasn’t built as extensive a historical or pop-culture portfolio as some other cartridges, yet its performance and capabilities speak volumes about its rising prominence.

KIR Ammo is elated to feature a refined selection of .308 Marlin Express ammunition from premier brands, promising superior quality and unmatched reliability for hunters and shooting enthusiasts.


  1. What distinguishes the .308 Marlin Express from regular .308 Ammunition?
    • The .308 Marlin Express and the regular .308 Winchester (often simply referred to as .308) are distinct cartridges with differing characteristics, though they might sound similar due to the “.308” nomenclature. Here are the primary distinctions between the two:
      1. Origins and Purpose:
        • The .308 Winchester was introduced in the 1950s and quickly became one of the most popular short-action, big-game hunting cartridges worldwide. It’s also widely used in military and tactical applications.
        • The .308 Marlin Express was developed in 2007, with a specific focus on providing modern ballistic performance tailored for traditional lever-action rifles.
      2. Ballistics:
        • While the .308 Marlin Express was designed to rival the ballistics of the .308 Winchester, especially in terms of velocity and trajectory, it does so in the context of a lever-action platform. Thus, it allows lever-action rifles to have performance closer to that of bolt-action rifles chambered in .308 Winchester.
      3. Case Design:
        • The .308 Winchester uses a bottlenecked case and is well-suited for a variety of bullet weights, making it versatile for different applications.
        • The .308 Marlin Express, though somewhat similar in appearance, is designed specifically for lever-action mechanisms and has its own unique case dimensions.
      4. Rifle Platform:
        • The .308 Winchester is commonly chambered in bolt-action rifles but can also be found in semi-automatics, pump-actions, and even some lever-actions.
        • The .308 Marlin Express is predominantly chambered in lever-action rifles, capitalizing on the cartridge’s design to enhance the performance of such firearms.

      In summary, while both cartridges bear the “.308” moniker, they have distinct histories, designs, and purposes. The .308 Marlin Express was created to bring modern ballistics to lever-action rifles, allowing them to closely compete with the performance of the much-loved .308 Winchester in its respective platforms.

  2. Which brands of .308 Marlin Express ammo are available at KIR Ammo?
    • KIR Ammo proudly stocks a variety of the industry’s leading brands, renowned for their precision and reliability in .308 Marlin Express ammunition.
  3. Is the .308 Marlin Express suitable for long-range shooting?
    • Absolutely, the cartridge is designed for an efficient flat trajectory, making it a potent choice for long-range hunting and target shooting.
  4. How does the .308 Marlin Express fare for hunting?
    • Given its formidable ballistics, the .308 Marlin Express is excellent for hunting a broad spectrum of game, from deer to even larger animals.
  5. Does the .308 Marlin Express have any historical significance?
    • While its history isn’t as extensive as older calibers, its innovative fusion of old-school lever-action design with contemporary ballistics earmarks its place in modern firearm history.

Step into the new age of lever-action shooting with the .308 Marlin Express at KIR Ammo, where tradition meets innovation in every shot.

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