.204 Ruger Ammo

The .204 Ruger ammunition category caters to hunters and precision shooters who demand high velocity, flat trajectory, and minimal recoil in a varmint and predator cartridge. Introduced in 2004 as a collaboration between Ruger and Hornady, the .204 Ruger quickly established itself as the fastest factory cartridge available in the .20 caliber class, offering exceptional performance for varmint hunting and benchrest shooting. This selection features premium ammunition from the industry’s top manufacturers, designed to maximize accuracy and effectiveness at long distances.

Intended Use: The .204 Ruger is primarily used for varmint and small predator hunting, providing the precision and terminal performance necessary for humane kills at extended ranges. Its accuracy and high velocity also make it an excellent choice for competitive shooting and target practice, where shooters appreciate its flat shooting characteristics and ability to buck the wind.

Caliber/Size: As the first cartridge to bear the Ruger name, the .204 Ruger was designed to surpass the performance of existing varmint calibers by achieving higher velocities and delivering a flatter trajectory. Its design allows for efficient powder burn and high speeds, making it capable of outperforming larger calibers in precision shooting scenarios.

Performance Characteristics: Known for its outstanding speed, the .204 Ruger can reach velocities over 4,000 feet per second with certain loads, contributing to its flat trajectory and exceptional accuracy. The cartridge’s minimal recoil aids shooters in maintaining sight picture between shots, enhancing the ability to deliver rapid, precise follow-up shots when necessary.

Material and Construction: .204 Ruger ammunition is manufactured with high-quality components, including brass casings and advanced bullet designs. Bullet types range from varmint-specific hollow points and polymer-tipped projectiles, designed for explosive expansion, to match-grade bullets optimized for competition shooting, ensuring versatility across different shooting disciplines.

Brands and Manufacturers: This category includes products from leading manufacturers such as Hornady, Federal, and Nosler, known for their commitment to quality and ballistic innovation. These brands provide shooters with a variety of .204 Ruger ammunition options that deliver unmatched performance for hunting and precision shooting.

A Brief History: The .204 Ruger was introduced as a joint venture between Ruger and Hornady to create a high-velocity, flat-shooting cartridge that excelled in varmint and predator hunting. Its rapid acceptance by the shooting community and success in the field have made it a modern classic in the varmint hunting world.


  1. What is the effective range of a .204 Ruger? The .204 Ruger is effective for varmint hunting and precision shooting at ranges exceeding 400 yards, maintaining accuracy and lethality at distances where other varmint calibers may falter.
  2. Can the .204 Ruger be used for deer hunting? While the .204 Ruger is primarily designed for varmint and predator hunting, its use for deer hunting is not recommended due to its relatively small bullet diameter and mass, which may not ensure ethical kills on larger game.
  3. How does the .204 Ruger compare to the .223 Remington? The .204 Ruger typically offers higher velocity and a flatter trajectory than the .223 Remington, with less wind drift and recoil. This makes it particularly well-suited for long-range varmint hunting, where precision is critical.

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