7.65x53mm Argentine Ammo

Discover the rich history and enduring legacy of the 7.65x53mm Argentine, a cartridge that has served with distinction since its inception in the late 19th century. Originally adopted by the Argentine Army in 1891 for use in the Mauser Model 1891 rifle, this caliber quickly demonstrated its prowess on the battlefield and in hunting environments across continents.

The 7.65x53mm Argentine, also known as the 7.65x53mm Mauser, is renowned for its accuracy, range, and penetrating power. Its ballistics are comparable to those of other venerable cartridges of the era, making it a favorite among military historians, collectors, and long-range shooters. The round’s versatility has allowed it to remain a popular choice for hunting medium to large game, offering a blend of traditional performance with modern precision.

Despite its age, the 7.65x53mm Argentine continues to enjoy a loyal following among rifle enthusiasts who appreciate the cartridge’s historical significance and its capability for accurate long-distance shots. Its performance in bolt-action rifles is particularly noted for delivering a satisfying shooting experience that harks back to the golden age of firearm engineering.


  1. What is the 7.65x53mm Argentine used for today?
    • Today, the 7.65x53mm Argentine is primarily used by enthusiasts for historical reenactment, collection purposes, and hunting. Its effective range and accuracy make it a solid choice for hunting medium to large game.
  2. Can I use 7.65x53mm Argentine ammunition in any rifle?
    • This ammunition should only be used in rifles specifically chambered for the 7.65x53mm Argentine. It’s popular in vintage Mauser bolt-action rifles and other firearms designed for this caliber.
  3. How does the 7.65x53mm Argentine compare to other similar calibers?
    • The 7.65x53mm Argentine offers ballistics similar to the .308 Winchester, with excellent range and accuracy. However, it operates at lower pressures compared to more modern calibers.
  4. Is 7.65x53mm Argentine ammo widely available?
    • While not as readily available as more common calibers, 7.65x53mm Argentine ammunition can be found at KIR Ammo – an online retailer who caters to all types of shooters including enthusiasts of historical and military firearms.
  5. What types of bullets are available for 7.65x53mm Argentine?
    • Ammunition for the 7.65x53mm Argentine typically comes in full metal jacket (FMJ) for military surplus and soft point (SP) for hunting, offering versatility for various shooting needs.

For those with an appreciation for military history or the pursuit of game with classic firearms, the 7.65x53mm Argentine remains a distinguished choice, embodying the spirit of an era when precision and reliability were paramount.

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