.25-06 Remington Ammunition

The .25-06 Remington is a centerfire rifle cartridge introduced by Remington Arms Company in 1969. It is based on a necked-down .30-06 Springfield case, which accommodates a .25 caliber (6.35mm) bullet. The .25-06 Remington was initially a popular wildcat cartridge for several decades before being officially adopted by Remington.

The .25-06 Remington is designed as a versatile cartridge suitable for hunting medium-sized game such as deer, antelope, and wild hogs, as well as varmints and predators like coyotes and foxes. It offers a good balance of power, accuracy, and flat trajectory, making it an excellent choice for hunting at moderate to long-range distances.

Typical bullet weights for the .25-06 Remington range from 85 to 120 grains, with muzzle velocities between 2,900 and 3,500 feet per second, depending on the bullet weight and load. The cartridge is known for its ability to maintain high energy levels at long distances, providing effective performance for hunting and shooting at extended ranges.

The .25-06 Remington is popular among hunters and shooters for its combination of power, accuracy, and manageable recoil. It offers a versatile option for those seeking a .25 caliber cartridge that can handle a wide variety of hunting and shooting applications.

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