10mm Auto Ammo

The 10mm Auto ammunition category caters to a diverse group of shooters looking for a powerful, versatile cartridge that bridges the gap between traditional handgun calibers and those typically reserved for hunting. Introduced in the 1980s, the 10mm Auto has enjoyed a resurgence in popularity, thanks to its superior ballistics, making it an excellent choice for self-defense, law enforcement, hunting, and competitive shooting. This selection includes premium ammunition from the industry’s leading brands, offering performance that satisfies even the most demanding users.

Intended Use: The 10mm Auto is ideal for a wide range of applications. Its powerful ballistics make it suitable for self-defense and law enforcement, where stopping power and penetration are crucial. Additionally, its effectiveness on medium-sized game at close to intermediate ranges makes it a favorite among handgun hunters. The 10mm Auto is also popular in competitive shooting circuits for its accuracy and flat trajectory.

Caliber/Size: The 10mm Auto was developed to offer a step up in power and range over the 9mm and .45 ACP, providing a high-velocity, high-energy cartridge capable of handling a variety of shooting and hunting scenarios. Its dimensions allow for use in medium to large frame semi-automatic pistols.

Performance Characteristics: Known for its flat shooting trajectory and impressive stopping power, the 10mm Auto delivers high velocity and energy, capable of accurate performance at extended ranges. Modern bullet technology has further enhanced its versatility, offering loads optimized for everything from personal defense to big game hunting.

Material and Construction: 10mm Auto rounds are made with high-quality components, featuring brass casings and a range of bullet designs to cater to specific needs. Options include full metal jacket (FMJ) for practice and competition, jacketed hollow point (JHP) for self-defense, and hard-cast bullets for hunting, ensuring effectiveness across various scenarios.

Brands and Manufacturers: This category features ammunition from reputable manufacturers such as Federal, Hornady, HSM, and Sig Sauer, known for their commitment to quality and performance. These brands offer 10mm Auto shooters a broad selection of ammunition choices that meet high standards of reliability and effectiveness.

A Brief History: The 10mm Auto was introduced in 1983, designed to provide FBI agents with a more powerful handgun cartridge following the 1986 Miami shootout. Although the FBI eventually adopted the .40 S&W, a reduced-power version of the 10mm Auto, the original cartridge has maintained a loyal following among shooters who appreciate its superior performance.


    1. What is 10mm Auto good for? The 10mm Auto is versatile, ideal for self-defense, law enforcement, hunting medium-sized game, and competitive shooting. Its powerful ballistics make it effective in a variety of scenarios, from personal protection to taking down deer-sized game.
    2. Is 10mm Auto more powerful than .45 ACP? Yes, the 10mm Auto generally offers higher velocity and energy than the .45 ACP, contributing to a flatter trajectory and greater range, making it more versatile for different uses, including hunting and self-defense.
    3. Why did the FBI stop using 10mm? The FBI stopped using the 10mm Auto due to its recoil and the size of the firearms chambered for it, which were considered too much for some agents. This led to the development of the .40 S&W, a shorter cartridge with less recoil, intended to match the 10mm Auto’s ballistics in a more manageable package.
    4. Will 10mm Auto stop a bear? While not the ideal choice for large bear species, the 10mm Auto, with proper ammunition, can be effective for defense against bear attacks, particularly with loads designed for deep penetration.
    5. Which is more powerful, 10mm or .44 mag? The .44 Magnum is more powerful than the 10mm Auto, offering higher velocity and energy suitable for hunting larger game and defense against big predators. The .44 Mag provides deeper penetration and a larger bullet diameter.
    6. Is 10mm equivalent to .357? The 10mm Auto and .357 Magnum offer comparable performance, with each having advantages in different areas. The 10mm Auto typically delivers higher energy and a flatter trajectory, while the .357 Magnum excels in versatility and is effective in both revolvers and lever-action rifles.
    7. Is a .357 more powerful than a 10mm? The .357 Magnum and 10mm Auto are closely matched in terms of power, with the .357 Magnum often having an edge in velocity and the 10mm Auto in energy, depending on the specific loads compared.
    8. Is .357 Sig more powerful than 10mm? The 10mm Auto is generally more powerful than the .357 Sig, offering higher energy and better performance at longer ranges due to its larger case and higher capacity for powder.
    9. Will a 10mm take down a grizzly bear? While a 10mm Auto can be used defensively against a grizzly bear with specific ammunition designed for deep penetration, it’s not the most recommended caliber for hunting or defending against such large and dangerous wildlife.
    10. What is the best pistol to carry in bear country? In bear country, a pistol chambered in a powerful caliber like the 10mm Auto or .44 Magnum, loaded with ammunition designed for deep penetration, is recommended. Models like the Glock 20 (10mm Auto) are often cited for their reliability and capacity.
    11. Will 10mm stop a lion? The 10mm Auto, with proper ammunition, could theoretically stop a lion in a self-defense scenario. However, larger calibers are typically preferred for hunting or defense against large predators due to the need for guaranteed stopping power.

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