7.5x55 Swiss Ammo

The 7.5×55 Swiss is a rifle cartridge that was developed by Switzerland in 1889. It was designed to provide a powerful and reliable option for the Swiss military, and it was later adopted by several other countries.

The 7.5×55 Swiss cartridge uses a 7.5mm bullet, which weighs between 154 and 174 grains. The bullet is typically either a soft point or a full metal jacket. The cartridge has a case length of 2.206 inches and an overall length of 3.244 inches, which allows it to fit into standard long-action rifles.

The 7.5×55 Swiss cartridge is known for its excellent accuracy, mild recoil, and superior stopping power. It has a high ballistic coefficient, which helps it to retain its energy and velocity over long distances. It is also capable of delivering a significant amount of energy upon impact, making it an ideal choice for hunting larger game.

Ammunition for the 7.5×55 Swiss cartridge is available from a variety of manufacturers, including Prvi Partizan, Hornady, and Norma. It is available in a range of bullet weights and styles, including soft point, full metal jacket, and ballistic tip.

Overall, 7.5×55 Swiss ammunition is an excellent choice for shooters who want a reliable and accurate option for hunting and long-range shooting. Its mild recoil, high accuracy, and versatility make it a popular choice among shooters of all levels of experience.

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