.416 Barrett Ammo

The .416 Barrett ammunition category is designed for unparalleled long-range precision and stopping power, catering to the needs of extreme long-range shooters, professional snipers, and big game hunters. This category features high-quality, precision-engineered rounds from leading manufacturers, ensuring superior performance for users demanding the utmost in accuracy and ballistic capability at extreme distances.

Intended Use: The .416 Barrett is specifically engineered for long-range shooting applications, including precision competitive shooting, military and law enforcement sniper operations, and large game hunting. Its exceptional ballistic coefficients and high-velocity performance make it an optimal choice for engaging targets at extreme distances, where precision is paramount.

Caliber/Size: Introduced in the early 21st century, the .416 Barrett was developed as a response to the demand for a high-performance long-range cartridge that could exceed the capabilities of existing military calibers. With its large case capacity and ability to fire heavy, aerodynamically efficient bullets, the .416 Barrett provides shooters with unmatched long-range precision.

Performance Characteristics: The .416 Barrett is renowned for its flat trajectory, high ballistic coefficient, and immense stopping power. Capable of delivering accurate shots at distances beyond 2,500 yards, it is designed for ultimate precision and effectiveness, even in adverse conditions. The cartridge’s performance is further enhanced by its ability to maintain supersonic speeds at extreme distances, reducing bullet drop and wind drift.

Material and Construction: Ammunition in the .416 Barrett category is produced with the highest quality components, including precision-machined brass casings and specially designed projectiles that maximize aerodynamic efficiency and terminal performance. Bullets typically feature high-density cores and streamlined jackets to achieve deep penetration and consistent expansion.

Brands and Manufacturers: This category includes products from brands that specialize in precision long-range and tactical ammunition, such as Barrett itself, along with other manufacturers known for their commitment to quality and innovation in high-performance ammunition, ensuring that shooters have access to the best rounds for their specific needs.

A Brief History: The .416 Barrett was developed to provide a legal alternative to the .50 BMG in jurisdictions where the use of .50 caliber rifles is restricted. It quickly gained recognition for its superior long-range capabilities, becoming a favorite among precision shooters and military snipers for its ability to deliver unmatched accuracy and terminal performance at extreme distances.


  1. What is the effective range of a .416 Barrett? The effective range of the .416 Barrett can exceed 2,500 yards (2,286 meters) when used with high-quality precision rifles and ammunition. This extreme range capability is due to the cartridge’s high ballistic coefficient and velocity, allowing for accurate shots at distances far beyond what many other rifle calibers can achieve.
  2. What is the .416 Barrett used for? The .416 Barrett is used for a variety of applications requiring long-distance precision, including military and law enforcement sniper operations, extreme long-range competitive shooting, and hunting large game. Its ability to deliver accurate and powerful shots at extreme distances makes it versatile for both tactical and sporting purposes.
  3. Why was .416 Barrett made? The .416 Barrett was developed as a response to the need for a high-performance long-range cartridge that could offer superior accuracy and ballistic performance to the .50 BMG, especially in jurisdictions where the use of .50 caliber rifles is restricted. Its design allows shooters to engage targets at extreme distances with high precision, filling a niche for long-range shooting enthusiasts and professionals seeking maximum range and effectiveness.
  4. Is the .416 Barrett suitable for hunting? Yes, the .416 Barrett is suitable for hunting large and dangerous game at long distances, offering the power and precision needed for ethical shots on large animals.
  5. Can .416 Barrett be used for competitive shooting? Absolutely, the .416 Barrett is a popular choice in extreme long-range shooting competitions, where its superior ballistics and accuracy are critical for success.
  6. How does .416 Barrett compare to other long-range calibers? The .416 Barrett stands out for its exceptional long-range performance, offering a flatter trajectory and higher velocity than many other long-range calibers. Its ability to remain supersonic at greater distances gives it a distinct advantage in precision shooting scenarios.

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