.416 Ruger Ammo

The formidable .416 Ruger cartridge is a true powerhouse in the world of big-game hunting. Developed by Ruger and Hornady in 2008, this cartridge was designed to provide a dangerous game round that could be chambered in standard-length bolt-action rifles, offering an alternative to the larger, more cumbersome African calibers.

The .416 Ruger is celebrated for its exceptional stopping power, capable of ethically taking down the world’s largest and toughest game, including Africa’s “Big Five.” Its design ensures a nearly identical performance to the venerable .416 Rigby, yet in a more compact and manageable package. This attribute makes it highly suitable for hunters who require a potent, yet versatile, big-game cartridge.

KIR Ammo takes pride in offering high-quality .416 Ruger ammunition from the most reputable brands in the industry, ensuring that big-game hunters have access to rounds that promise reliability, precision, and unmatched power.


  1. What is the primary use of .416 Ruger ammunition?
    • The .416 Ruger is designed primarily for big-game hunting, particularly suited for hunting large and dangerous game.
  2. How does the .416 Ruger compare to other big-game cartridges?
    • It offers similar ballistics to the legendary .416 Rigby but in a more compact design that fits standard-length bolt-action rifles.
  3. Is .416 Ruger ammo suitable for novice hunters?
    • Due to its powerful recoil and intended use for dangerous game, it’s generally recommended for more experienced hunters.
  4. What types of .416 Ruger ammo does KIR Ammo offer?
    • KIR Ammo stocks a selection of .416 Ruger rounds, focusing on top-quality choices suitable for various big-game hunting needs.
  5. Can .416 Ruger be used in any rifle?
    • It’s designed for bolt-action rifles that can accommodate standard magnum cartridges, so it’s important to ensure your rifle is specifically chambered for the .416 Ruger.

Step up your hunting game with KIR Ammo’s selection of .416 Ruger ammunition, the ideal choice for those seeking ultimate power and performance in their big-game hunting adventures.

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