.300 BLK (Blackout) Ammo

The .300 Blackout (BLK) ammunition category is a modern favorite among shooters for its versatility and adaptability across a wide range of shooting applications. Developed in the early 21st century, the .300 BLK was designed to achieve similar performance to the 7.62×39mm cartridge but in a platform compatible with the AR-15. It excels in suppressed firearms, offering subsonic options for quiet operation while maintaining the ability to fire supersonic rounds for longer-range engagements. This selection features premium ammunition from leading manufacturers, ideal for tactical use, hunting, and recreational shooting.

Intended Use: The .300 BLK is highly versatile, making it suitable for tactical applications, home defense, and hunting small to medium-sized game. Its unique ability to be loaded with both subsonic and supersonic ammunition allows shooters to tailor their loads to specific needs, whether for quiet, suppressed shooting or for achieving greater range and stopping power.

Caliber/Size: The .300 BLK utilizes a .30 caliber bullet, offering a broad range of bullet weights and types. This versatility allows it to perform a variety of roles, from delivering heavy subsonic bullets that maximize impact with minimal noise to lighter, faster projectiles for supersonic applications.

Performance Characteristics: The .300 BLK is known for its excellent performance with suppressors, maintaining energy and accuracy even at subsonic velocities. When loaded with supersonic ammunition, it provides effective range and lethality comparable to the 7.62×39mm, with the added advantage of being optimized for the AR-15/M4 platform.

Material and Construction: .300 Blackout rounds are manufactured using high-quality components, including brass casings and a diverse selection of bullets to accommodate different shooting scenarios. Offerings range from expanding hollow points for hunting to full metal jacket (FMJ) bullets for training and target shooting.

Brands and Manufacturers: This category includes ammunition from industry leaders such as Hornady, Norma, and SIG Sauer, among others. These manufacturers are committed to providing shooters with high-performance .300 BLK options that leverage the cartridge’s full potential for power, precision, and versatility.

A Brief History: The .300 Blackout was developed to offer AR-15 shooters a more versatile cartridge, capable of using existing magazines while providing better performance than the 5.56×45mm NATO at close to medium ranges, particularly in suppressed firearms. Its adoption by civilian shooters and some military and law enforcement units underscores its effectiveness and versatility.


  1. What is the effective range of a .300 Blackout? The effective range of the .300 Blackout varies with ammunition type. Supersonic loads are effective out to 500-600 yards, while subsonic loads are best used within 200 yards to maximize their potential for quiet operation and impact.
  2. Can the .300 Blackout be used for deer hunting? Yes, the .300 Blackout is suitable for deer hunting within its effective range, especially when using supersonic ammunition designed for maximum impact and penetration.
  3. How does the .300 Blackout compare to the 5.56×45mm NATO? The .300 Blackout offers greater versatility than the 5.56×45mm NATO, especially in suppressed firearms, with its ability to fire subsonic rounds effectively. While the 5.56×45mm may have a longer effective range, the .300 Blackout provides superior performance at close to medium ranges and offers greater bullet weight options.

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